Radio Show #451 Conflict and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace 

Special Guest: Liz Kislik: Management Consultant and Executive Coach, Harvard Business Review and Forbes contributor and TEDx speaker

Liz works as a consultant, coach, and facilitator to help leaders move their companies and careers forward. With over 30 years of developing high-performance leaders and workforces, she’s helped clients such as American Express, Orvis, The Girl Scouts, Comcast, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and Highlights for Children solve their thorniest problems while strengthening their top and bottom lines.

Liz offers surprising insights and successful techniques for leadership, mastering collaboration, conflict, talent development, and customer loyalty. Her combination of practical experience, true stories, and current research will inspire listeners to start making a difference right away.

Join us as we discuss how people can do better and feel better at work

Host: Jo Dodds

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