Radio Show #461: Delivering the Most Engaging Internal Communication 

Special Guest: Lesley Allman: Author of Better Internal Communication

Lesley Allman MBA set up Allman Communication in 2010 has since helped over 50 major organisations to better communicate and engage with their internal audiences.

She is author of the Amazon best seller Better Internal Communication: How to add value, be more strategic and fast track your career which was highly commended in The Business Book Awards 2022.

Previously she was Director of Corporate Communication at Coors Brewers and Head of Communication at Premier Foods. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication and winner of numerous Internal Communication & Engagement Awards, most recently for communicating culture change at No7 Beauty Company and Carlsberg UK.

Everyone thinks they’re an internal communication expert, but it takes in-depth knowledge and skill to deliver the most engaging and effective internal communication. So, the onus is on internal communication professionals to raise their game, be more strategic and add more value. To do this we need to:

1. Understand how internal comms can impact engagement

2. Be more strategic by applying the ABCDE Model – Audiences, Behaviours, Content, Delivery and Evaluation. This framework can be applied to communication challenges large and small.

3. Focus on adding value.

4. Earn a reputation as trusted advisors

Join us as we discuss engaging employees through better internal communication

Host: Jo Moffatt

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