Radio Show #476: Integrating Wellness Into Work Intentionally 

Special Guest: Tarin Calmeyer – Remote Team Wellness

Tarin Calmeyer is a 12+ year wellness veteran who’s worked with teams at Netflix, Meta, Dell, Cisco, L’Oreal, Remote.com, Movenpick Resorts, and many more to bring wellness to their workday, virtually!

After a decade spent being an international wellness coach, writer, speaker, and consultant, Tarin founded Remote Team Wellness to work with forward-thinking brands who want to help their remote employees feel, think and work better after the pandemic. Over the past few years, Tarin has taught thousands of people around the world virtually to implement simple, mindful techniques that result in monumental lifestyle changes.

She now uses her expertise and training as both an Osteopath, and a 500hr yoga teacher to teach employees how to live and work better. Remote Wellness has over 100 other wellness experts ready to lead your team on transformative sessions around Nutrition, Burnout, Sleep, Financial Wellness, and more.

Join us as we discuss integrating wellness into work in an intentional and mindful way.

Host: Andy Goram

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