Guest: James Lawrence: CEO of Happy Companies

James Lawrence is a seasoned tech executive and serial entrepreneur with a passion for cultivating great workplaces and empowering people. At 48, he’s the co-founder and CEO of Happy Companies, a startup that uses technology to  revolutionize the way organizations encourage improved communication, collaboration, and engagement with their employees.

But his journey to leadership wasn’t straightforward. Early in his career, James learned the hard way that authority doesn’t come from a title; it comes from genuinely understanding and connecting with your team.

With a background of launching four startups, two auto racing championships under his belt, and previous leadership roles as the CEO of Power Automedia and Chairman of the Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association, James brings a unique blend of speed and innovation to the business world. 

James is married to his amazing wife Melissa, and father to three kids. When he’s not leading his team or spending time with family, he’s likely coaching youth football, or diving into one of his favorite books, which range from “The Hard Thing About Hard Things”  to “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” 

A sought-after public speaker and innovator, James loves to share his insights on leadership, organizational culture, and technology. James believes that the cornerstone of every successful organization is its people. His mission is to help people love their work and get connected with their teams because, in his words, “when people work better, we all win, together.”

Join us as we discuss the cornerstone of every successful organization

Host: Jo Dodds

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