Special Guest: Matthew Partovi, Founder at Culturevist

Who are the Culturevists?

“I care so much about the culture of my org, that I’m pretty much willing to lose my job for it! I might not be the Chief Executive Officer, but I am a Chief Culture Activist. I’m a Culturevist.”

They’re a powerful network of Culturevists, from industries as diverse as: Financial Services, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Government, Food and Beverage, Fashion, Technology, Art; and roles spanning Management, Communication, HR, Marketing, Innovation… and beyond.

Their mission:
“It’s like that because it’s always been done like that” isn’t good enough for us. Our mission is to help our orgs grow amazing cultures. We do this by activating and energising each other with inspirational examples of success and failure.”

You can read more about how they started here

Host: Jo Dodds

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