Show #158: The Culture Builders: Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance 

Special Guest: Jane Sparrow, culture expert and author of ‘The Culture Builders: Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance’.

Every organisation has people who work hard, extremely hard. But how many of these people show up tired, emotional, stressed, undernourished and distracted? The most successful organisations are full of people who consistently bring the best of themselves to everything they do at work. These organisations know that they need to work on large culture/engagement approaches but also equip individuals to perform at their best.

This is much more than an annual leadership programme or ‘wellness’ ­mental health roadshows, subsidised gym memberships, nutritional advice etc. We have to help people with attitudes towards personal growth, emotional and physiological management, personal motivation, aptitude to retain focus and more, so that they can be match-fit and totally able to be engaged.

Join us as Jane Sparrow shares her experience, real stories and refreshing perspective on this whole area linked directly to company performance.

Jane is author of The Culture Builders; Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance and an expert in all things culture and performance related. She works with clients across the world including major banks, media companies, Education establishments, Healthcare companies, government departments and charities. UKTV, Warburtons, BBC WorldWide, British Gas, Kings College and Coloplast are just a few of the organisations she has worked with. She’s also a contributor to many business schools including Henley Management College and is regularly published as a thought-leader in culture, performance and change related aspects.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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