Special Guest: Charrise McCrorey and David Firth of The CoQuora Project

Working together in The CoQuora Project, Charrise McCrorey and David Firth are committed to deepening engagement around what matters in all aspects of society – communities, education and healthcare as well as in commercial organisations.

In this episode, we take a provocative stance, asking us all to upgrade what we mean by ‘engagement’ and to discover what ‘beyond engagement’ might look like.

We believe that there are in fact only two levels of engagement. Anything below this is not actually ‘engagement’. We assert that there is no such thing as a low level of engagement or a high level of disengagement. If you have what we commonly refer to as a low level of engagement, you’ve stopped talking about engagement.

Join us as we explore with listeners the two authentic levels of engagement and how leaders of today can create that for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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