Special Guest: Kirit Kishan, Founder of One of a Mind

Kirit founded One of a Mind to help growing organisations with a people strategy and HR solutions that are focused on sustaining culture. Kirit also works with individuals to help achieve balance and sustain energy.

Kirit discovered mindfulness during a bout of low energy. Although she was having the time of her life at work, she started to experience the strain of sprinting a marathon whilst working in a rapidly growing company for many years. Practising mindfulness helped her to raise her energy levels and in a nutshell, it changed her life.

With her experience at a high growth company and background in organisational culture, she knew the profound effect that mindfulness could have for organisations. Kirit went on to train to teach mindfulness at Bangor University and now offers mindfulness training and integration of mindfulness into organisations’ culture.

Join us as we discuss how mindfulness is a unique tool that helps to sustain energy, increase focus and awareness, lead consciously, reduce stress levels, regain balance and overall sustain high performance.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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