Special Guest: Dr Mairi Macleod, founder of Sexy Science

Dr Mairi Macleod is a behavioural biologist and founder of Sexy Science, and her work focusses on improving relationships, productivity and wellbeing, both in personal life and at work, using an understanding of the biology of our behaviour.

She’s convinced that if we want to find solutions that work and help ourselves be happy and satisfied, we first need to understand where our behaviour, feelings, and relationship preferences come from; that is, why we’ve evolved to have the behavioural tendencies we have, and why we vary so much as individuals.

In her corporate work, Mairi focusses on improving relationship dynamics, satisfaction and progression for women in the workplace, showing how an understanding of our evolved predispositions can provide effective strategies for women to excel, and to find the work-life balance that suits them.

Join us as we talk about how women compete with one another in a different way from the way men compete, leading to particular challenges for women at work, especially in male-stereotypical workplaces. We’ll talk about what we can do to improve women’s collaboration and work satisfaction. We’ll also discuss the need to recognise and value the traits and talents more commonly found in women, rather than expecting women to conform to a “male” way of doing things.

For more information, see Mairi’s LinkedIn profile

Host: Jo Dodds

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