Special Guest: Jessica Rowe: Head of Digital and Cultural Transformation at DIAGMED Healthcare Ltd

In an increasingly connected world, where digital is influencing organisations in almost every sector, in order to avoid being left behind and stay ahead of the curve, companies need to embrace digital transformation.

Ultimately, technology is used by people and success is directly correlated with employees being motivated, passionate and invested in the business and therefore their objectives. Digital is at the centre of this transformation, the river that we swim in, and it enables a business to reach all corners from stakeholders to customers to colleagues and suppliers and more.

Post COVID-19 what does employee engagement mean? When we are scattered, digital is the answer and the only answer to allow all people to be fully engaged and part of a dynamic community. Through digital you can break down all barriers and become a business without boundaries, one which harnesses true insight to deliver the best experience for customers both internally and externally.

Join us as we discuss how digital transformation powers employee engagement.

Host: Jo Dodds

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