Special Guest: Chetna Bhatt, Certified Coach and Co-Founder of Being Lawyers

The key to building employee engagement lies in enhancing the mental wellbeing of employees. And yet an increasing number of us do not have a foundation of wellbeing and so engagement inevitably drops. We deploy various coping strategies to improve our wellbeing and, whilst valid, coping strategies can have us feel like we have a job on top of a job just to stay well.

How would our engagement be affected if we all had innate mental wellbeing and could access it at will without the need for coping strategies? What if we could tap into our wellbeing and higher levels of engagement and performance with greater ease, regardless of the external pressures we face?

Join us as Chetna introduces a new understanding of the mind to transform mental wellbeing and, in turn, build employee engagement.

Chetna is a certified executive coach, part time employment lawyer and speaker. As Co-founder and CEO of Being Lawyers, Chetna has collaborated with The Law Society to hold wellbeing conferences and has spoken at various events including the Junior Lawyers Division annual conference, Women Economic Forum and Health and Wellbeing at Work. Chetna has, since 2013, worked with organisations and professionals to help individuals access mental clarity by training them on a new understanding of the mind so that they can thrive and improve their wellbeing and potential without the risk of burning out.

Host: Jo Moffatt

Listen live here (archive available)

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