Special Guest: Pip Lawrence, Co-Founder of DayOne Wellness

Join us as we discuss the four elements of effective wellbeing strategies: Inspire, Engage, Educate and Empower, and Make.

Pip Lawrence is the co-founder of DayOne Wellness which is a pioneering wellbeing company that specialises in combining behavioural change coaching and outdoor personal training to achieve optimal mental and physical performance.

DayOne Wellness’s mission is to simplify the conflicting worlds of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits so that real people can achieve sustainable transformations and live their BEST lives for the longest.

Their signature 12-week Recalibrate Wellbeing programme provides their clients with an easy to follow roadmap towards optimal wellbeing and addresses all three of the major health implications affecting our society: Being overweight, being overworked and being overwhelmed.

The programme is delivered via: 1:1 coaching for the public, as a wellbeing initiative for employees in organisations, and most recently the programme has been commisioned as part of a community-funded health and wellbeing pilot in Maidstone.

Pip’s passion for wellbeing stems from her obsession with human potential and combined life experiences. A combination of a soccer scholarship in the States, personal training in UK gyms, 18 months travelling and a public health childhood-obesity position has brought her to the conclusion that although wellbeing is complex, for 90% of the population it’s not as complicated as we like to make it out to be.

Host: Jo Dodds

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