Special Guest: Denise Willett, Senior Director, Achievers EMEA

Join us as Denise she shares her knowledge and experience gained in working with some of the World’s leading organisations on engagement and recognition programmes.

Discover how organisations who put people at their heart of business strategy not only move the needle on engagement but deliver compelling business results.

Listen in to hear:

  • How to improve engagement and performance through joined up strategy
  • How aligning your people to business objectives and company values can improve culture and drive employee engagement
  • Leveraging the latest technology to empower individuals and managers to own engagement for sustainable success
  • The positive impact getting it right has on key business performance metrics

Denise currently holds the role of Senior Director, Achievers EMEA, which sees her leading Sales, Marketing and Services. Denise is passionate about helping our clients build and maintain successful employee engagement programmes that align with strategic business objectives.

Prior to relocating to London in 2017, Denise lived and worked in Canada, with 18 years experience in Technology and dedicating the past 8 years to working side by side with many diverse, global organisations who share her belief in the power of a work environment committed to employee recognition and engagement.

Outside of work Denise enjoys travelling the globe with her husband and their 5 year old daughter.

Host: Jo Dodds

Listen Here (Archive available)

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