Special Guest: Julie Gibson, Business Consultant & Coach

Join us as we talk about engaging with employees for retention and advocacy.

Julie is a people-person, very adventurous, and always ready to live, laugh and love! She was never sure what that looked like though, in terms of a career, but found herself very early on wanting to be ‘the boss’ and the leader, whilst helping others fulfill their potential. She started as a Business Analyst in FMCG, spending 9 years in that sector, moving from finance, sales, commercial technology and operational roles. Shewas part of the senior leadership team after 9 years of working, however she never felt valued or understood and she thought it did not matter at the time.

She had always invested in herself with as much training and development as possible, but she decided it was time to ramp that up, and she began undertaking many higher-level qualifications, including an MBA graduation in 2012.

Always able to take a risk, she left a permanent role at the agency, and went into consultancy and contracting. Since then she have undertaken many roles in many different sectors and was able to make the switch recently from creating and delivering a business transformation in food service distribution, into a business planning role at a government agency. And now she’s delivering a piece of work for the NHS BSA.

She class herself as a hybrid in many ways, and she thinks when it comes to engagement thinking like a hybrid can mean the message reaches more people, which is critical for engagement.

Host: Jo Dodds

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