Special guest: Andrea Callanan of Sing & Inspire

“Why singing is such an amazing tool to encourage people to engage with themselves and others, and how we’ve successfully utilised singing in Sing & Inspire to impact and benefit businesses across the UK.”

We interview Andrea Callanan, co-director of Sing & Inspire. Andrea is a classically trained musician who’s been singing professionally for nearly 2 decades. Andrea has been teaching music for over 23 years and since 2000, she’s been a leading Voice Coach in the Welsh music industry.

Sing & Inspire was founded when Andrea and her business partner Georgina Jones realised the business benefits of this motivational training and married it together with Georgina’s business skill base and idea for motivational business choirs. Andrea’s experience with preventing and correcting vocal health problems with performers over the years also led to developing a vocal health training package for business which is needed so badly in voice heavy industries and is fast becoming an essential part of occupational health and wellbeing across contact centers.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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