Special Guest: Shelley McIvor from Global Action

With help from Global Action Plan, O2 have determined the financial benefits of their Think Big program. For every £1 O2 invest in engaging our people in Think Big – to deliver sustainability benefits, they deliver £1.40 back to the business.

Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and decreased employee turnover deliver financial benefits for O2. In addition, participation in the Think Big programme represents a significant development opportunity for employees. This perception was reported by both the participants and their managers, both agreeing that Think Big offers a better development opportunity than traditional training options.

We know this is just the first step, we’ve used the best data available and applied conservative assumptions. TO improve our model we want to extend this research to other organisations. Developing the knowledge is the first step to improving the way that organisations engage with both their employees and sustainability.

Host: Jo Moffat

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