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Performance management is broken, such is the conclusion from Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trend 2014 research:

‘Only 8 percent of companies report that their performance management process drives high levels of value, while 58 percent said it is not an effective use of time.’

Many Leaders, HR and Employee Engagement professionals worldwide echo the findings of this research and fear that ‘new-age’ initiatives such as employee wellbeing and digital enablement will not get off the ground if more fundamental issues such as effective performance management is not championed by leaders and embraced and implemented by managers and employees alike.


The purpose of the Performance Management TAG is to explore the failings of current performance management processes and to understand why performance management itself seems to be ‘underperforming’ businesses, particularly in the UK.

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initial research findings

From the initial research that has taken place, the group have published their initial findings and were delighted to be invited to present these as part of the CIPD Applied Research Conference. To see more on their initial findings click here.


The group are interested in working with more organisations to understand more about the topic and the potential interventions to help make performance management more engaging. This can be through a short series of 1-1 interviews or through a broader survey approach. Whichever option you choose, this confidential free consultancy by our experienced practitioners will provide insight into how engaging your performance management is whilst providing a broader understanding to others through this collaborative research.

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  • Correlate the relationship of best practice examples of performance management to high levels of employee engagement
  • Identify and create a framework of best practice tools, case studies and behaviours to enable organisations to fully harness the potential benefits of effective performance management to share with researchers/ academics and practitioners
  • Review the most frequently used performance processes, platforms and tools to identify common flaws and failings, as well as examples of what has been proven to work exceptionally well, and put forward new processes based on the outcomes of the above
  • Research the human component in the failure of performance management processes, as well as the behaviours that seem to underpin success. These could include:
  • Understanding the link between the process and organisational performance
  • The impact of on-going change on the individuals concerned
  • Communication and engagement skills
  • Management Focus
  • The behaviours being modelled by leaders, etc.
  • Identify methods and create recommendations to measure the effectiveness of revised approaches to performance management
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This group is led by Frazer Rendell, Director of E-Trinity Consultancy. 

Meet the Group

frazer rendell

Director, E-Trinity Consultancy


geoff boot

Doctoral Researcher

and Interim HR and Change Executive


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