How to deal with Internal Employee Engagement Terrorists 

A number of Engage for Success supporters have mentioned how there isn’t as much content around dealing with employees who are passionately against the notion of Employee Engagement. The following strategies are actions great managers should be doing with all employees regardless of whether they are for or against the notion of employee engagement.

1. Get them on your side. 

Many unhappy employees are talented “informal leaders” who have a knack for influencing the opinions of their co-workers. Put their talents to work by giving them an opportunity to get involved in new initiatives.

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate and then communicate some more. 

Get out in front of the rumor mill by sharing information. If you don’t provide the facts and information your employees crave, you can bet that your local terrorist will gladly fill that void with damaging dis-information.

3.  Have a friendly chat. 

Many unhappy employees feel that they are not being heard and are misunderstood. If you haven’t met with these individuals one to one recently, do it soon. Every unhappy employee is dissatisfied for a combination of reasons. Find out what those reasons are and see what you can do to help.

4. Consider the possibility that they could be right.

It’s easy to pigeonhole an employee as troublemaker or pain in the rear. Try putting judgment aside and listen to what your unhappy employees have to say. It is very possible they could be right.

5. Thwart toxic talk and gossip.

If left unchecked, chronic negativity (often driven by disgruntled employees) kills morale and can destroy organizations. When you overhear employees making negative comments about another department for example, let them know that is unacceptable. The same applies to gossip. Don’t do it and don’t tolerate it.

6. Help your disengaged employees make a “career decision.”

It’s entirely possible that these unhappy people are in the wrong job. If so, help him or her find the right match. They will be happier and so will everyone else.U

In a nutshell, the best anti-terrorism strategy is to communicate with employees frequently and listen closely to what they have to say.

These strategies are not owned by Engage for Success and were written by Barbara Burke.

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