Managing For Sustainable Employee Engagement – Guidance For Employers And Managers 

The “Managing For Sustainable Employee Engagement – Guidance For Employers And Managers” builds on the previous research to provide guidance for employers and managers on what they can do to achieve sustainable employee engagement.

Advice to employers includes using the ‘managing for sustainable employee engagement’ framework to design or integrate into learning and development programmes that could help managers adopt the behaviours it details, reinforcing the importance of showing the behaviours for ‘managing for sustainable employee engagement’ on an ongoing basis by integrating them into performance management or appraisal systems so that managers consider and are measured on the extent to which they integrate these behaviours into their management repertoire, as well as advice relevant to selection, assessment and promotion. Advice to managers includes identifying which behaviours are already in use and which ones could be changed and advice on changing behaviours where necessary.


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For further details about the research or Affinity Health at Work, please contact Rachel Lewis: rachel@affinityhealthatwork.com or Emma Donaldson-Feilder: emma@affinityhealthatwork.com

These resources were written by Rachel Lewis, Emma Donaldson-Feilder and Taslim Tharani of Affinity Health at Work (Rachel Lewis is also a lecturer at Kingston Business School). Affinity Health at Work is a specialist consultancy offering research and consultancy solutions to improve workplace health and well-being.

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