Putting Engagement At The Top Of A Manager’s To-Do List 

Managers have a profound impact on how engaged employees are at work. But, keeping their teams engaged is not always at the top of a manager’s to-do list.

This is not because managers don’t care about engagement, but often because they don’t understand what employee engagement is about or really know how what they do makes a difference.

As a manager, if your to-do list is a mile long and you have KPIs coming out of your ears, keeping your employees engaged might not be something you have the head space to tackle. Let’s face it, it’s not a “quick win”, but in the long term, having engaged team members makes a manager’s life and workload much better. But often, we don’t know where to start. 

We know that enabling managers is key to the successful engagement for all organisations, both research and anecdotal evidence confirms this, in fact it is one of the four enablers that Engage For Success talks about as crucial to cracking engagement.

So how do “we” as advisors or leaders in our organisations, who are passionate about engagement and how it can be good for business as well as individual well-being and purpose, go about supporting managers?

Developing managers’ skills and providing training on their role in employee engagement is a great way to get managers on board and help them understand what they can actually do to support engagement in their teams. The days of sending managers away for training and then expecting them to implement all they’ve learnt are (thankfully) over. One and done is not an option. Post pandemic, we’re adapting not only where we provide training (mostly online), but how we do it. We need training that fits in with your day and provides you with a development and action plan just for you.

That’s why we’ve worked with Bundle Training who have developed a new eLearning course designed specifically for managers. It aims to help them understand the importance of engagement, and how organisations, teams and managers themselves can benefit. The training covers: 

  • An introduction to employee engagement 
  • The four enablers of employee engagement 
  • The crucial role people managers play in engagement
  • Tips for managers to improve engagement within their team

The training is available for organisations to use for free – in a bid to enable managers everywhere to create more engaged workplaces. The training, along with explainer videos and assets to help you get the attention of your managers – can also be hosted on your own learning management system, or through our delivery partner, Bundle Training’s website.

Author: Shaheena Ormerod-Sachedina, Founder at Working Wonders

Photo credit: Pixabay

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