Research: The Brand Inside – Extent to which brand plays a part in UK Business and engagement levels 

The Brand Inside: Woodreed Survey Report 2012, sets out to uncover the extent to which brand plays a part inside UK businesses.  The report sets out that by creating a strong brand, focussing on creating a positive culture for employees will in turn lead to employees focussing on creating a great experience for customers, increasing revenues as they go.

Woodreed uses their model ‘STRIPES’ as a measurement tool, identifying 7 key areas within a business where brand can be leveraged to help increase levels of employee engagement.

As part of the outcomes of their research, Woodreed identified that without a doubt, to create a positive culture within an organisation, the brand must be lived and be seen to be lived by senior staff.  Line managers also have a role to play and it is vital that they are seen to be aligned with the company culture every step of the way.

“In a homogenised market place with little differentiation,employee behaviour and performance is a more sustainable point of competitive advantage than any other components of the marketing mix. 

It’s people that give you the competitive edge. Employees matter. People make the difference.”

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