Join the Core Team as a Volunteer

Volunteering with Engage for Success

The Engage for Success movement is driven by the direction and energy set by our people.

The Core Team is open to new volunteers and contributors who would like to make a difference and are enthusiastic, genuine and inspired by employee engagement.

The Core Team consists of volunteers in the movement’s four Hubs – Thought and Action Groups in (TAGs) Hub, Partnerships Hub, Communications Hub, and Volunteers Hub – as well as the Strategy Directors and the Chair of the TAGs Steering Group.

As a decentralised movement, our volunteers have the freedom and authority to influence, inspire and make an impact. All we ask is that you bring to the Core Team your dynamic effort, actionable ideas, a degree of commitment, and a sense of fun.


What would I be doing?

Along with the other members of the Core Team, you would:

  • Take responsibility for a key area of the movement through the Hubs, each of which delivers a strategic function:
    • TAGs Hub connects the Thought & Action Groups to the Core Team
    • Partnerships Hub forms links & relationships with relevant organisations
    • Communications Hub promotes EfS outputs and its narratives
    • Volunteers Hub supports people on their journeys with the movement ·
  • Implement the agreed strategies and direction of the movement
  • Be involved in the day-to-day running of the movement
  • Help manage the channels, resources and opportunities of Engage for Success, including, but not limited to, the website, social media, thought leadership, branding, strategy, partnership building, relationship management, recruiting and introducing volunteers, networking, and events
  • Motivate, develop and support team members as required, making EfS a great place to work
  • Model an engaging and collaborative workplace and foster an environment for learning
  • Co-ordinate and support the fulfilment of the movement’s goals, reporting back to the Core Team on progress, manage key stakeholder relationships and attend meetings/events as appropriate


What are the benefits to me as an individual?

Joining the Core Team of this dynamic volunteer-based movement, you will enjoy these benefits:

  1. Working as part of a highly engaged, high performing team
  2. Immersion in leading thinking on employee engagement
  3. Contribute to the employee engagement conversation at your own place of work
  4. Developing a great network of contacts in the field
  5. Experiencing a different way of working
  6. Opportunities to shape leading thinking and practice in engagement
  7. Influence and impact within a national movement
  8. Focus on self-improvement and development


What is Engage for Success looking for?

In addition to having an interest in the principles of employee engagement, we are looking for people with

  1. Energy, enthusiasm & a powerful desire to make things happen
  2. Personal drive & self-organisation & accountability
  3. Focus on self-improvement & development
  4. Aptitude to work remotely & to self-direct
  5. Soft skills to build relationships & manage different stakeholders
  6. Collaboration & acceptance of different points of view
  7. Willingness to report & communicate progress to wider team
  8. Capacity to embrace new technologies & ways of working
  9. Ability to work in a non-hierarchical structure
  10. Confidence in a volatile, ever-evolving, ambiguous environment


How do I get involved?

Let’s have a conversation about:

  • How you would like to make a difference in the movement
  • Which area or Hub you’d like to join
  • What skills and expertise you would bring
  • What you’d like to get personally from the movement
  • How much time you can dedicate


Please contact: volunteer@engageforsuccess.org and one of our volunteers will reply to you within 2 working days.

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