Join the Core Team as a Secondee

Secondee Leadership Development Programme

The Engage for Success movement is driven by the direction and energy set by our people.

The programme offers unrivalled development opportunities. Being a small team, developing capabilities across a broad spectrum is the key to success. This includes interpersonal skills, such as influencing and networking at senior levels, as well as presentation and facilitation skills for occasions that demand the promotion of the purpose and key messages of Engage for Success. Organisational skills are also important and of course throughout the term participants will be immersed in current and new thinking on the topic of employee engagement.

We should also stress that working on the EFS core team is a lot of fun!

What would I be doing?

Along with the other members of the Core Team: you would

  • Implement the agreed strategies and direction of the movement
  • Be involved in the day-to-day running of the movement, including recruiting new volunteers and followers, organising and delivering events, promotion via media and social media, curating the Engage for Success website and facilitating new web content
  • Help manage the internal resources of Engage for Success, including, but not limited to, the website, branding, financial contributions/donations, secondment opportunities, volunteer resources and events programmes
  • Motivate, develop and support team members as required, making Engage for Success a great place to work, thereby creating an exemplar workplace and a learning environment
  • Take responsibility for a key area of the movement (e.g. Research, Communities, Events etc) or a key function (social media, comms, etc) to ensure that they are co-ordinated and supported centrally to fulfil their goals, reporting back to the Core Team and Task Force on progress, managing key stakeholder relationships and attending meetings/events as appropriate

What are the benefits to me as an individual?

  • Working as part of a highly engaged, high performing team
  • Immersion in leading thinking on employee engagement
  • Developing a great network of contacts in the field
  • Experiencing a different way of working
  • Opportunities to shape leading thinking and practice in engagement
  • Influence and impact within a national movement
  • Focus on self improvement and development
  • Performing work with real meaning and social impact

What are the benefits to your organisation?

  • A unique opportunity to enhance an individual's skills/experience as part of a talent development scheme at an optimal point in their leadership journey
  • Ability for the individual to practice, develop and bring back specific leadership qualities, skills and capabilities through access to a wide range of development opportunities and experiences outside of the sponsoring organisation
  • Improve an individual’s breadth of view beyond what is possible through an internal secondment
  • A true learning environment to test their wings and grow their confidence
  • A returning employee who is more rounded, energised, informed and skilled as well as being an exemplar in the field of engagement
  • An ability to share and draw on best practice in the field of employee engagement and leadership/people management from other organisations involved with EFS to bring back to the sponsoring organisation workplace
  • Develop and draw on collective insights on the field of employee engagement across a number of outcomes, including innovation, well-being, customer service, sales performance, income and health and safety for the benefit of the sponsoring organisation
  • Utilise the learnings of other organisations involved, through the open and sharing community which exists across the Engage for Success team
  • Open access to the materials, events, research and the specialism of others in the Engage for Success movement
  • Access to practical and tangible tools and ways for Line Managers to drive employee engagement in their teams which are transferable back into the organisation

What is Engage for Success looking for?

  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • A strong desire to make things happen
  • Self organisation
  • Personal drive
  • Focus on self improvement and development
  • An interest in the principles of employee engagement
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Self directed working and communication of progress with wider team
  • Ability to work in a non-hierarchical structure
  • Comfortable in a volatile and ambiguous environment
  • Willing to embrace new technologies and ways of working

How do I find out more?

To talk about how you or your organisation can benefit from a placement in the Leadership Development programme, please contact info@engageforsuccess.org

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