10 Reasons To Use An All-in-One Employee Engagement Platform 

Employee engagement is based on integrity, trust, two-way commitment, and communication between a business and the people that work for it. This is critical for the success of any business. 

Despite this, remarkably only 20% of workers are actively engaged today. That’s a very low number indeed. Changes clearly need to be made. One of the ways you can do this is by implementing an all-in-one employee engagement platform. Let’s take a look at the benefits of such a solution in further detail in this post. 

What is an all-in-one employee engagement platform

An all-in-one employee engagement platform contains all of the features needed to empower leaders and HR professionals to create an engaged workplace with a culture of recognition and rewards. 

Some of the different features you tend to find included are:

  • Employee recognition
  • System Integration
  • Automatic notifications
  • Feedback tools
  • Surveys
  • Employee training tools
  • Performance evaluation capabilities 

why use an all-in-one platform?

Do you really need an all-in-one employee engagement platform? What sort of benefits will a tool like this bring to your business? Let’s take a look. 

boosts employee retention.

Employee engagement platforms enable you to provide effective feedback, clear instructions, and competitive rewards. All of this comes together to create the best possible work environment for your employees. 

When employees are happy, they’re much more likely to be loyal and continue working for your business.

This is something that Pendo, a software company in Raleigh, North Carolina, has experienced. 

Since installing the software ’15five’, they’ve enjoyed significant improvement in retention. 

Todd Olsen, CEO at Pendo, stated the following:

“According to our VCs, our retention is 5x higher than most companies they often see, especially in terms of the Bay Area.”

Olsen attributes this to the use of 15five. 15five’s CEO, David Hassell, confirmed that one of the company’s founding beliefs is that the best businesses in the future would be those that figured out how to motivate their staff members and unlock their true potential. 

To do this, they need to understand that thriving humans create thriving businesses. So, 15five implements a whole host of tools that push this narrative, from engagement surveys to performance reviews. 

They believe that managers shouldn’t purely oversee work but that they’re the key to unlocking high performance, helping to tap into the passions and unique strengths of every team member.

helps improve what you can measure.

If you don’t measure employee performance and satisfaction, how do you expect to improve it?

As business owners, we have become much more reliant on data to make intelligent decisions. However, it’s all about collating the right data and presenting it in a manner that yields results. This is what all-in-one employee engagement platforms help with. 

We can see this in action at Pacific Northwest University where they’ve been using Trackstar to carry out employee surveys and performance reviews. 

Trakstar is an employee performance solution with four cornerstones; performance management, applicant tracking, learning management, and workforce analytics. 

Trackstar brought in more data for the university while making it easy to align information and spot trends. This is used to identify groups that have scores remarkably lower than other departments.

improves the onboarding process.

Employee engagement platforms help to improve the onboarding process for new employees. 

Being the ‘new person’ can be rather intimidating. You have a huge number of things to learn while also getting to grips with a new team. 

Getting feedback along the way can be incredibly valuable, helping new employees to feel appreciated and enabling them to settle in. 

Thore Schӓck, Head of HR & Recruiting at About You, uses Leapsome to help manage a team that is close to reaching 750 employees. He says that the platform has enabled About You to improve all elements of their onboarding process. 

Leapsome is an all-in-one solution for people engagement. It has learning tools, engagement surveys, performance reviews, and much more. The intelligent people enablement platform helps to drive employee productivity, development, and engagement, even during periods of change. You can learn more about Leapsome in general and also about how it compares to other competitors, in this post. 

shows you care and gets employees involved.

Did you know that 4 in 10 workers leave their jobs because they aren’t happy with the opportunities for career development?

You can use an employee engagement platform to find out more about your employees’ aspirations for the future while putting in steps to help them achieve them. This, in turn, helps your business to grow because you will develop a more skilled team. 

This is something that media company DCMN has solved with employee engagement software. Just like About You, DCMN also uses Leapsome. The company’s senior manager of personal relations, Theresa Jasarhi, has praised the application, stating that it has enabled DCMN to spend more time with ‘[their] people.

They have used Leapsome to automate the manual workaround career development and feedback. This has enabled them to truly understand the needs of their workers, guiding them through their own DCMN lifecycle, and helping them to uncover their true purpose in what they do. 

enhances productivity.

There are many different ways that an all-in-one employee engagement tool boosts productivity including:

  • Automating processes so you can free up time to focus on other tasks.
  • Ensuring your employees are on the right page with clear goals and objectives.
  • Tracking tasks and deliver performance reviews to improve productivity.
  • Providing training opportunities so your employees can enhance their skills and work more effectively.

Bausch Health has noted performance gains since implementing Trakstar Perform. They used the tool to make sure all managers and employees were on the same page, with goals and objectives. New managers can see what is going on, enabling them to manage a more productive team.

encourages transparency of goals.

Most business owners would agree that transparency is key, and you only achieve this by building a space where you’re honest about your objectives and feedback. 

Fintech startup Billie has been using the employee engagement platform Leapsome to build an open, value-oriented feedback culture. 

The Buy Now, Pay Later provider initially choose Leapsome to standardise, automate, and streamline performance reviews as much as possible. However, they realised that there were other modules they could leverage too, calling these a ‘positive surprise.’ 

For instance, they discover they could carry out bi-weekly ENPS Surveys within Leapsome, which they were delighted about.

The team has spoken about how much they enjoy the flexibility of the platform and the responsiveness of the customer support team.

paves the way for a healthier work culture.

Employee engagement tools play a pivotal role in boosting work culture. They create a work environment that is open, friendly, and based on rewards and recognition. This is the sort of culture that people will thrive in. 

Grace Zuncic, Senior Vice President of People at Chobani, has revealed that using Bonusly has brought her company together.

Bonusly is an engaging rewards and recognition platform, designed to enrich company culture. Businesses use the tool to make recognition more impactful by connecting their core values and giving visibility to the contributions all team members make. 

This is something Grace has spoken about: 

“The programme has brought our amazingly diverse company together behind a common goal of real-time acknowledgment and fostered a genuine spirit of recognition in all that we do.”

Stores helpful resources.

An all-in-one employee engagement platform is beneficial from an organisational standpoint. You can store all of your customer policies and mission statements where your workforce will be able to access them with ease. 

We can see this in action at Zubak Group where they use Jenz App. Jenz is an internal communication tool that creates transparency in the workplace and strengthens company culture.

It’s described as an “internal social network” that operates like your employee engagement app and mobile intranet in one. Businesses also benefit from a dedicated consultant to help them along the way. 

The CEO of the Zubak Group, Ivan Zubak, has spoken about how Jenz App is the perfect solution for Zubak Group, a company where over 300 of its 600 employees don’t utilise their emails. 

He said that with Jenz App their employees are able to access the most vital information in an easy and enjoyable manner.

understands your employees better.

If you want to keep your employees engaged and retain the best talent, you need to understand them. 

An employee engagement tool enables you to run surveys and questionnaires to get to know your employees. You can discover more about how they prefer to work and the benefits that would benefit them the most. 

The Opportunity Group has been using Perkbox to deliver unique perks to employees based on their wants and needs.

Perkbox is an employee benefits solution that helps businesses to celebrate, connect with, and core for their employees. They can provide more than 4,000 discounts and perks, which include:

  • Entertainment – From events to books and cinema tickets
  • Beauty and health – From personal care to gym memberships
  • Home and garden – From home appliances to DIY products
  • Electronics and tech – From computers to mobile phones
  • Drink and food – From supermarket discounts and wine offers to takeaways

Deals and discounts are sourced via some of the biggest brands too, including Uber Eats, Argos, Apple, ASOS, and Tesco. 

The tool is designed in a way that employees are able to enjoy the perks that will really make a difference in their lives. It’s flexible, meaning one person can invest in self-care with online therapy whereas another person can choose a subscription to a music streaming service. 

Prior to this, The Opportunity Group was struggling to develop an effective benefits package that would suit individual needs and likes. As their team is predominately remote, they felt it was difficult to share rewards in a meaningful way. 

However, Perkbox makes it easy to do this. The tool enabled remote workers to select the rewards they wanted with ease. 

drives long-term gains.

Finally, all-in-one employee engagement platforms help you to drive long-term gains. You can communicate your vision and put the steps in place for you and the rest of your team to fulfill this. 

Pizza Pizza has done this. After employing a new Chief Operating Officer, they leveraged the platform Work Tango to drive future results, rather than only focusing on the here and now. 

“Our mentality at that time was ‘Just do your work’. We didn’t realise we needed to change things to move forward. Once we brought in the new COO, that’s when things really started to move.” – Therese Sousa, HR Manager

With Work Tango, they were able to put a plan into place and develop a culture that fits this. They started off by using the tool to find out what employees thought of Pizza Pizza, including what they hoped the business would do moving forward. They needed to get a better picture of what employees were expecting from them, and Work Tango facilitated this. 

A survey was created to establish a baseline for progress tracking. Anonymity and confidentiality were central to this. Based on the results, Pizza Pizza was able to adapt its strategy while Work Tango also delivered training for the firm’s senior leadership.


As you can see, there are many benefits associated with using all-in-one employee engagement platforms. These tools give you all of the features you need to keep workers engaged so that you can retain your best talent and help your business to thrive.

Author: Kerry Leigh Harrison – Freelance Journalist & Content Writer.

Photo credit: Anna Shvets

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