8 Ways To Accomplish Far More In Far Less Time At Work And At Home 

Time is the most valuable asset you have. And although time is in short supply, you can maximise the limited hours at your disposal.

A growing body of evidence suggests that certain science-backed hacks can help you accomplish more in very little time. Many business executives have attested to the efficacy of these hacks. 

Are you eager to boost your productivity at home and at work? Let’s check out and incorporate following creative but often overlooked tips for increasing your output in less time.

Avoid cluttered work environments and spaces.

You may not know it, but there is a link between the nature of your working environment and your productivity.

If you are one of those whose working table has a mountain of books and letters piled on top of each other, it is time to tidy up.

Researchers have found a link between productivity and the work environment. According to the study, clutter affects the ability of the brain to process information.

So if you have been struggling to accomplish your daily tasks, the problem may lie in how you organise your working space.

When you declutter from your workspace, it eliminates distractions and increases your ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

Some experts advocate removing extraneous things from your desk except those related to the immediate task at hand.

start your day with an exercise.

Exercise may be the last thing you want to hear when searching for ways to accomplish more of your daily tasks.

But several studies have established a strong link between regular exercise and an individual’s ability to reach high-performance levels in demanding tasks.

Exercises help to maintain your attention span by increasing the flow of blood and other vital chemicals, like endorphins, to your brain. 

cut down on social media.

There is no argument about it. Social media has had a revolutionary impact on almost every aspect of our lives, including how we work.

Every day, more people are discovering how to take advantage of social media to achieve their respective goals. Social media has become a necessity, as most people rely on it for literally everything.

Despite the positive impact of social media on our lives, it has also affected the ability of many workers to meet their set targets.

Some reports suggest that, on average, workers spend about thirty-two percent of their time on social media doing non-work-related tasks. Social media has become one of the workplace time wasters which affect workers’ productivity around the world.

Many business organisations are concerned about the distractions caused by social media use by their employees while at work. It is better to put off your social media if you do not use it for work.

use quality tools.

Thomas Carlyle was right when he quipped many years ago that, “man is a tool-using animal. Without tools, he is nothing, with tools, he is all”.

There is no task you can think of right now that does not have a tool that can help you accomplish more in a shorter time.

Therefore, if you can afford it and want to get more done at work or home, you must invest in quality tools. Tools come in different shapes and forms. Tools can be hardware or software.

Never spend your time doing tasks you can accomplish quicker with tools. Get the right tool or look for someone with one to do it. The bottom line is that tools improve work efficiency and save time.

For example, if you work online, your most important tool is a good internet connection. Without it, you will spend all day going back and forth.  Or if you are working with a remote team, you need robust tools for seamless communication. It can be any quick messaging tool or a conference call software.  Without quality and reliable tools, you will hinder your working ability.

avoid stressful situations.

If you have ever been under stress, you will understand how it can affect your ability to function and accomplish your tasks.

Experts define stress as a state of feeling overwhelmed and incapable of dealing with the physical and psychological pressures of life.

Although stress is the body’s natural way of dealing with pressure and danger, it can lead to problems when prolonged.

One thing that can happen to a person under a prolonged state of stress is the inability to accomplish set tasks.

To avoid it, make sure you prioritise sleep, have a healthy diet, and do exercises to sweat the stress out. Because in the end, everything depends on how you manage stress. 

do one thing at a time.

To accomplish more within the limited time available, many people try to do more than one task at once.

Although you may not know it, trying to juggle multiple tasks at once is the one way to hinder productivity.

Research has shown that most human beings cannot handle multiple tasks and thoughts at the same time.

When people perform multiple tasks at a time, they switch back and forth from one task to another, which reduces productivity. When you switch from one task to another and back, it will take some time for you to gather your thoughts and start working again.

take regular breaks during work.

You might think right now that you have little time, and yet you are being asked to shorten it more by taking intermittent breaks during work.

Many people think taking a break during work will not help them accomplish their tasks on time. Psychologists, however, believe that intermittent breaks can help you become more creative and productive. Taking breaks is not only desirable but necessary for people engaged in long, tedious tasks.

There are many benefits of taking intermittent breaks during work.

  • Prevents Fatigue – Human beings suffer diminishing returns when they work for long hours without breaks.
  • Increases Productivity – Taking intermittent rests gives you a fresh burst of energy to complete your tasks.
  • Provides you with new insights – Some experts believe that when you are dealing with a problematic task, taking a break allows your subconscious to develop new insights on the matter.

If you are used to working at a long stretch, try to take intermittent breaks and notice how you will accomplish more tasks in less time.

Taking breaks can involve any of these activities:

  • A nap
  • Meditation
  • A walk
  • A lunch break
  • A music break

You can also play games as a way to escape or relax. For example, a game of solitaire or even an online jigsaw puzzle is not only fun, but can also help you be more productive and creative.

use comfortable furniture.

For many people, one recurring issue that has affected their ability to accomplish their tasks at work and home is back pain.

If your spirit is willing to work, but your body is weak, you cannot accomplish very much. To get anything done, you must be healthy, both physically and emotionally.

One major contributing factor to the increasing number of back pains among workers is the furniture used at work.

Comfort while working is essential if you want to accomplish your tasks on time. On the other hand, uncomfortable furniture causes pain and slows you down.

When it comes to working chairs, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. The type of chair that will be perfect for you will depend on the work you do. If your task requires you to sit for long hours, then you need ergonomic chairs.

final words.

Finding a balance between accomplishing your tasks at the office and those at home is the key to living a fulfilled life.

You will never get more time to accomplish your tasks on a given day.. What you can do, however, is learn how to get more done within the time available to you.

The tips provided in this article, if well implemented, will let you take charge of your time and not be a slave to time.

To accomplish more, you must have a plan of action. Every step you take must propel you towards achieving your goal for the day.

Author: Radina Skorcheva – Digital Marketing Specialist, InBound Blogging

Photo credit: Wayhomestudio on Freepik

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