Creating An Inviting Workspace 

Given the competition for great talent in the workplace and the work-from-home world we now live in, the question of office space has become increasingly important. For CEOs and trustees, having a dedicated office space is important for maintaining a professional image and ensuring that meetings can be conducted in a quiet and confidential environment. Other staff will be seeking an environment that is fun, bright and engaging to justify travelling to a workplace. Before deciding between a plug-and-play serviced office or a leasehold office to rent, the ideal starting point is to work out how much space is actually needed. A guide to office space sizes and things to keep in mind can be found in the following article: https://www.freeofficefinder.com/article/how-much-office-space-do-you-really-need

Blurb Author: Binu Jacob – EFS Engagement & Communications Lead

Photo credit: DCStudio on Freepik

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