Running A Masterclass

Masterclasses, whether face-to-face, a conference call or a webinar-based approach to sharing our experience can be a powerful way of sharing our knowledge, passion and experience of employee engagement.

Here are some ideas around how to run your Masterclass.

what do I need

  • Something of value to share, that will develop, inspire and make a difference to others.
  • A Storyteller / Subject Matter Expert. Someone to do the sharing in a structured way. A way that allows others to explore, learn (through questioning), and develop their thinking.
  • A subject for discussion or a story to tell.
  • Conference call and/or webinar hosting capability.
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Background to engage for success

Clearly our story is changing all the time: our About Us pages will help you to explain more about the movement

event logistics

  • A panel works best. Having a panel with roles offers a better opportunity for the participants. Suggested panel roles:
    • A Host – The tone setter and energy creator. Someone to introduce and close the session, introduce the panel and field the questions, say thank you and close.
    • A Story Teller or Subject Matter Expert – The main body of the session, this person tells their story or shares the subject matter.
    • A Supporter – Someone to engage in the debate. A foil for Story Teller and someone to help with the Q&As that may come.
  • An hour is best. A shorter duration limits exploration, A longer time is difficult to manage, host and keep the audience attention. Remember everyone is busy!
  • Test the technology. To ensure the technology supports your MasterClass then it is always better to dry run the technology before the MasterClass starts.

recommended structure

  • 30 mins - gather speakers and test the tech
  • 5 mins   - welcome and introduction
  • 30 mins - tell the story / share the subject / teach
  • 20 mins - Debate / Q&A
  • 5 mins   - thanks, next steps and close

Following your masterclass

  • Let us know how it went. Drop us an email at
  • Write up the feedback and key themes from your event as an article to send to to go on our blog
  • Encourage people to connect with EFS via social media and by joining our newsletter list.
  • Keep in touch with your new connections

How to Join an already organised masterclass

  • Simply go to our Events page
  • Click on the calendar to see available MasterClasses to join.
  • Once you have found the MasterClass you would like to join follow the instructions and links on the event details. Please note the MasterClasses are mostly not hosted by the Engage for Success movement or through the Engage for Success website. So it is important you register through the links provided.
  • Log on, enjoy and participate!

Thanks to Mark Gregory for his original work on this.

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