Boost NHS employee engagement to save lives, says IPA 

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Research from the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA) suggests for every ‘ordinary’ (one standard deviation) increase in engagement, mortality rates among patients would be 2.4 per cent lower.

Research indicates employee engagement is vital to high quality care in the NHS. Evidence shows it is linked to both patient satisfaction and quality of care. Here, Joe Dromey, Head of Policy and Research at the IPA highlights the findings of a major new piece of research on engagement in the NHS. He argues that by better engaging with employees, the NHS will be more able to face the significant challenges of the next few years.

The NHS is facing challenging times. After years of growth, the service is facing a sustained funding freeze whilst cost pressures continue to rise inexorably. This is creating what the Institute of Fiscal Studies has called an ‘unprecedented squeeze’ which is unlikely to ease at any point soon. Yet at the same time, following the Francis Report into the crisis at Mid Staffordshire, the NHS is expected constantly to drive up both quality and safety of its care.

By sharing some of the great practice across the NHS, IPA hope that this research can help Trusts in their efforts to better engage with their employees. Through focusing on driving up employee engagement, NHS Trusts will be able to manage the challenges of the next few years, and continue to improve services to patients in these tough times.


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