Alcohol and Mental Health in the Workplace 

mental health and alcoholAlcohol and mental health – the two are often linked, and anyone concerned with mental wellbeing in the workplace should also be mindful of the role of alcohol in employee mental health.

While drinking alcohol can have a temporarily uplifting impact on our mood, in the long term it can be linked to a range of mental health issues from depression and memory loss to suicide.

Many people with mental health problems are also heavy drinkers. With many people using alcohol to relieve stress and anxiety, alcohol may at the same time be contributing to their mental ill health, disturbed sleep or depression.

Businesses can do much to help reduce the impact alcohol has on mental health in the workplace, from sound alcohol policies to manager training, raising self-awareness to providing support for those who need it.

Alcohol Health Network works with employers, employees and public health teams to raise alcohol awareness and reduce alcohol harm and have produced a factsheet that you can download.

Contact for more information – alcoholhealthnetwork.org.uk  or info@alcoholhealthnetwork.org.uk  or 020 3151 2420

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