How to Kickstart your DE&I Journey – Yorkshire & Humber Event 

According to the CIPD, only 47% of UK employers have a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy in place. Half of these organisations confess that their approach is more reactive than proactive, often merely ‘going through the motions’. This is not surprising, considering that the responsibility of developing and implementing these strategies often falls on the already overburdened People Services teams. The task can seem daunting, and many companies are unsure of where to begin.

Two years ago, Benenden Health found themselves in this exact position. However, they have since successfully navigated their way to establishing a robust and practical DE&I strategy. This strategy has not only been compelling but has also empowered their employees to assist the People Services team in fostering an inclusive culture.

In this webinar, Dr Amy Pressland, the Talent Development Manager at Benenden Health, will share their journey. She dicusses the highs and lows they experienced and the results they have achieved. The session will offer valuable insights into how they developed their DE&I strategy and introduced it to their organisation. It aims to debunk the myths surrounding the creation of a DE&I programme and offers advice on how to enhance cultural maturity within the workplace. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from their experience.

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