A New TAG to Shape Future #PeopleProductivity Conversations 

By Fiona Anderson

In June, Engage for Success set up a new Thought & Action Group (TAG) to explore People Productivity. 

People Productivity is one of the new strategic themes to emerge from the movement’s Strategic Refresh, alongside Good Work and Wellbeing. All three strategic themes support EfS’ Four Enablers.

The links between people and productivity are critical to the success of the UK’s recovery. Yet when leaders and executives refer to ‘productivity’, their language and thinking are more likely to refer to outputs and volume than to people.

People Productivity TAG’s ambitions are three-fold:

  1. The Executive Boards value the contribution that people productivity adds to their business results.
  2. To get the Executive Boards more interested in exploring new avenues and approaches to employee engagement.
  3. To make EfS the thought leader and the go-to place for curated resources in sustainable People Productivity.

The new TAG will be aiming to promote and develop stronger links between employees, their output and the impact on business results, influencing #PeopleProductivity across the UK.

Through our work in the TAG, we will be exploring its role and impact: defining what is and isn’t People Productivity, understanding the best way to achieve it, how best to measure it, and the best way to sustain a People Productivity culture. 

We know that many of the responses to this challenge will be consistent with our mission to promote employee engagement. As conversations develop within the TAG and with leaders from various sectors, we’re hoping our ideas will lead to different workstreams.

The TAG intends to share emerging themes, tips, and techniques to increase People Productivity. Our plan is to stimulate discussions and share the TAG’s learnings through the main EfS and volunteers newsletters, white papers, webinars, and events. 

For next year, we’re also thinking about bringing the conversation to a People Productivity Conference – to host an event in Birmingham, if all goes to plan, on Friday, 2 July 2021.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

To learn more about #PeopleProductivity, please contact one of us from the team:

Fiona Anderson: fiona.anderson@mychangeexpert.com 

Scott Rolph: scott.rolph@bt.com

Claire Ritchie: claire@engageforsuccess.org

Nicholas Wardle: nwardle@onehousing.co.uk

Dr. Sarah Pass: sarah.pass@ntu.ac.uk

Jill Munden: jill.munden@mychangeexpert.com 

Hagit Amsterdam: hagitat1@gmail.com

Find out more about the #PeopleProductivity TAG

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