Linking Motivation To Productivity 

In my last blog on #PeopleProductivity I discussed the 3Es of Productivity: Energy, Environment, Emotion. The easiest to shift swiftly is Energy. This is the fuel in the engine. So, it’s the recommended place to begin a productivity improvement journey.

Mike Sharples, CEO Brand Experiences, recently presented at a #PeopleProductivity event and shared this chart:

Brand Experiences use a tool called Motivational Mapping, which is an ISO accredited self-inventory tool to measure someone’s motivation. When individual results are compared to ensuing productivity levels, the findings are that.…

Normal Zone: There is pretty much a 1:1 relationship between motivation and productivity. So, if someone is 60% motivated, they’ll be 60% productive.

High Performance Zone: Productivity can rise steeply and isn’t capped at 100% as people can smash their targets. People in this zone can feel unstoppable.

Presenteeism Zone: These people don’t want to be there, and productivity usually drops off a cliff. They can also start to impact upon the productivity of others as they can become disruptive, start making major errors etc.

In addition, highly-motivated people will have the right attitude and are more likely to embrace change. So, clearly motivation links to a high-performance culture.

Author Bio: Nicholas Wardle, Head of Employee Engagement and Communications

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