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Special Guest: Henry Stewart, Happy Founder. Listen in to Happy Founder Henry Stewart talking about the upcoming event on June 14th, jointly sponsored by EFS, Happy and the CIPD. Join us as we talk about the reason for the Happy Workplaces collaboration, and share details of the speakers, programme and associated workshop. And if you can’t […]

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Special Guest: Eamon Tuhami of Motivii.com Join us as we discuss what’s more important happiness or motivation? Happiness and motivation are linked, they are both important. But happiness and what impacts it is a much more complex issue. The system of levers that affect motivation is a bit more clear cut, so it’s simpler for […]

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Happy workers are productive workers. In this fact filled, fascinating talk, Vanessa King, Engage for Success TAG member, presents a range or research that shows just that and then goes on to powerfully argue why employers need to enhance the happiness, wellbeing and resilience of their employees. Vanessa King is a board member at Action […]

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