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 Evidence shows that employee engagement in the NHS is linked to staff wellbeing, patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes such as mortality. Put simply, engaged staff deliver better, safer care. Engagement in the NHS has increased over the last two years but there remains significant scope for improvement. The NHS is facing an ‘unprecedented squeeze;’ demand […]

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Research from the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA) suggests for every ‘ordinary’ (one standard deviation) increase in engagement, mortality rates among patients would be 2.4 per cent lower. Research indicates employee engagement is vital to high quality care in the NHS. Evidence shows it is linked to both patient satisfaction and quality of care. Here, Joe Dromey, […]

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NHS called on to accelerate efforts to engage staff in order to improve patient care, efficiency and financial performance A report published by The Point of Care Foundation shows that the way healthcare staff feel about their work has a direct impact on the quality of patient care as well as on an organisation’s efficiency and […]

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