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Learning How to Set Boundaries With Your Tech

Did you know that a national poll conducted by Code Computerlove in 2019 found that the Brits spend about 50 days a year looking at their mobile phones? And now that remote work is in full force due to the current state of the world, it’s safe to say that employees will experience higher screen time numbers […]

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Special Guest: Maria Paviour B.ed(hons), Principal Practitioner MABP, Occupational Practitioner Psychologist For over 25 years Maria has studied human psychology, biology and neuroscience, focusing on the importance of engaging employees and gaining employee commitment. Join us as we talk about how the drive to achieve is leading to organisations zombifying their people. We’ll be talking […]

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Special Guest: Lara Morgan, Co-Owner and Founder at Scentered, EFS Task Force Member Lara shares enterprising acceleration ideas and profitable outcomes created when the company culture embeds year round CSR. Join us as we discuss wellbeing tips and mental health coping skills that massively raise staff retention rates. Lara is an active supporter of the […]

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Special Guest: Alice Beveridge, Director and Motivational Speaker at Tree of Knowledge Engagement is repeatedly hailed the number one challenge for businesses when it comes to employees. However the majority of employee engagement programs fail. Why is this? Because engagement is an outcome, not a process, that’s why! Alice gives an insight into the range […]

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