Building the Future for Engage for Success in Alliance with the CIPD 

It has been ten years since David MacLeod and Nita Clarke were asked by the Government to establish a task force and carry out a review of workforce engagement across the UK, which resulted in their ground-breaking report “Engaging for Success” and the beginning of the Engage for Success (EfS) movement.

Today EfS continues to thrive, driven by volunteers and a shared ambition of helping organisations improve performance by understanding and building employee engagement.

Engagement is a core theme for the HR profession and many HR professionals have been part of the EfS movement working alongside others from the wider business and public sector communities. In 2016 the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, established a closer partnership with EfS to support the movement and the growth of its work.

The synergies between EfS and the CIPD have continued to grow as the importance of building better work and working environments has received greater attention across business and government.

To strengthen these links and support the growing impact of the movement, we have reached agreement on a new alliance, with the CIPD taking full ownership of EfS and responsibility for its ongoing operations.

The EfS brand will remain distinct within the CIPD’s family of brands. EfS’s core team, volunteers, secondees and the movement will continue to be supported, whilst working more directly with the CIPD team to build further synergies and alignment and take their important work forward.

“We have much to be proud of with Engage for Success’s achievements since 2011. We are excited about the future with CIPD and together we can be even more effective in growing awareness about the power and potential of employee engagement, providing evidence and research that organisations who engage and inspire their employees produce world class levels of innovation, performance and productivity.”

David MacLeod & Nita Clarke, Engage for Success.

You can find answers to more detailed questions here, and we will continue to keep you updated. Please contact us at info@engageforsuccess.org if you have any questions.

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