David MacLeod is inspired by volunteers at Engage for Success 

In this message to EFS volunteers, the movement’s co-founder, David MacLeod, encourages us to lead the thinking on establishing secure and confident organisations. 

I find it totally inspiring that so many people are contributing in one way or another to this great and growing movement. As we work remotely and as we try to re-establish secure and confident organisations, our people must be front and central to our thinking. It is engaged people who will innovate in order to get through this period. It is engaged people who will develop new products, services and routes to market. It is engaged people that will provide great services we all rely on. 

So, by volunteering in a wide variety of ways, such as developing best practice and insights that helps others, raising the profile of EFS so more people can find our website and benefit from its rich content, and by creating area networks, topic and sector groups and new hubs, you are adding energy and momentum to the movement.  

This movement has been sustained and has grown thanks to you: our volunteers and contributors. Throughout this entire period, we’ve tried to raise the profile of the topic and shine a light on good practice secure in the knowledge that if we do this, we will enhance the well-being of individual employees through greater levels of engagement, which will be good for organisations and thus will be good for our countries. It is only through your energy and commitment that the movement moves! 

A huge thank you! 

David MacLeod, Co-Founder EFS 

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