Wellbeing Thought and Action Group

The Wellbeing Thought and Action Group is currently taking a break!

The group was active for four years to 2017 and helped drive the debate about the clear link between both physical and mental wellbeing and employee engagement.

It built on the paper Why Wellbeing Matters: Sustaining Employee Engagement & Wellbeing and published a white paper called Wellbeing and Employee Engagement: The Evidence

It developed a practical web tool to identify key trends likely to affect wellbeing and engagement in the future and how organisations could manage these impacts. In November 2015 we launched a beta version of the Future of Wellbeing and Engagement Tool

The TAG has achieved its intended goals so is currently inactive but it can be re-booted at any time.

If you have an idea for a piece of research involving the effect of wellbeing on employee engagement please contact info@engageforsuccess.org and explore the possibility of reconvening this group.

You can see more content from the Wellbeing TAG here.

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