Wellbeing Thought and Action Group

A Wellbeing TAG seems to have been part of the Engage for Success landscape for as long as we have had TAGs! We believe the theme of wellbeing is central to what we are about, but having completed its original aims in 2017, there had been a hiatus in the TAG’s activities.

I’m delighted to announce that under the stewardship of Natasha Wallace, the TAG is being relaunched and held its first meeting in central London on Wednesday 30th January 2019 to discuss how best to build on the work that has already been done.

Natasha has just finished writing a book about individual and organisational wellbeing, identifying a significant body of evidence to show how healthy organisations can achieve more. There does seem to be merely a handful of organisations who have really embraced wellbeing in the most holistic sense, with the resulting improvement to individual organisational performance.

So, amongst the many possibilities for the TAG is the opportunity to explore the CIPD’s existing research into wellbeing (including its 2018 Health & Wellbeing at Work report) and to produce a piece of work that complements this – although all ideas will be explored.

Natasha has been in touch with those who have expressed their interest in getting involved at this early ‘blank canvas’ stage, but it’s not too late if you would like to be part of this TAG.

To find out more please contact Natasha at: natasha@thedisruptivecoach.com

History of the wellbeing TAG

The group was active for four years to 2017 and helped drive the debate about the clear link between both physical and mental wellbeing and employee engagement.

It built on the paper Why Wellbeing Matters: Sustaining Employee Engagement & Wellbeing and published a white paper called Wellbeing and Employee Engagement: The Evidence

It developed a practical web tool to identify key trends likely to affect wellbeing and engagement in the future and how organisations could manage these impacts. In November 2015 we launched a beta version of the Future of Wellbeing and Engagement Tool

The Future of Wellbeing and Engagement Tool

Wellbeing TAG Content

Wellbeing TAG Update – Defining Wellbeing in the Workplace

At this year’s Engage for Success Volunteer Open Event our Wellbeing Thought and Action Group gave an update on the work that they have been doing this year. Here are the slides. Get in touch if you’d like to get involved EFS Wellbeing Thought and Action Group Update from Engage for Success

‘The A-Z to Better Wellbeing’ – Civil Service Wellbeing Toolkit

This toolkit was devised by a cross-government team as part of the Civil Service Local Junior Leaders Academy (East, South East and London). Their aim is to support the vision to be ‘A Brilliant Civil Service’, making it a great place to work with a commitment to health and wellbeing. So, whilst it is not […]

Wellbeing Articles and Resources

This is an interesting article about why wellbeing is a good thing for both workers and employers

Alcohol and Mental Health in the Workplace

Alcohol and mental health – the two are often linked, and anyone concerned with mental wellbeing in the workplace should also be mindful of the role of alcohol in employee mental health. While drinking alcohol can have a temporarily uplifting impact on our mood, in the long term it can be linked to a range […]

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