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Our Wellbeing Thought & Action Group is currently looking to support employers and their people through the recovery needed following the Coronavirus pandemic. We are welcoming new volunteers to help with this mission. 

About the Wellbeing TAG


The original Wellbeing Thought Action Group was established in 2013 with the publication of a
white paper called ‘Why Wellbeing Matters: Sustaining Employee Engagement and Performance’. The paper sets out the evidence for the linkage between employee engagement and wellbeing, and the consequential impact on individual and organisational performance.

As employee wellbeing has continued to climb the HR and CEO agenda, the new Wellbeing Thought Action Group was re-established in 2019 to assist UK employers in understanding the increasing body of workplace wellbeing research evidence and to produce tools and education to drive the business case for employee wellbeing.

The newly formed Wellbeing Thought Action Group was co-created and now Chaired under the stewardship of Gethin Nadin, a psychologist and bestselling HR author who has been working in the HR tech space for two decades. Co-Chair is Yvette Janse van Rensburg, CIPD and CMI Level 5 accredited, Yvette has over a decade of experience in the Recruitment and Facilities Management sector.

Forming the expert lead panel running the group with the Chairs are:

  • Hannah Johnson, a graduate with an MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology with over 5 years’ experience improving employee engagement.
  • Roopa Nagori, a Senior Lecturer at Coventry University London Campus with more than 20 year’s experience in HR consulting.
  • Maggie Williams, a freelance business writer and editor with more than 10 year’s experience in employee benefits.

If you're interested in joining this TAG, please get in touch by clicking on the 'contact' tab below.


The mission of the EFS Wellbeing TAG is to improve workplace wellbeing by providing employers with the support, education and research they need to create healthy and thriving cultures.

By using our combined expert knowledge, experience and energy, we aim to help employers to focus their efforts in the most effective way to achieve higher levels of performance through improved employee wellbeing.

This unique group of experts have come together to share their expertise, forecasting, vast experience and time, to ensure that employers of any size understand the value of committing to improving employee wellbeing and have the evidence to do so.


  •  Share expert wellbeing knowledge
  • Facilitate the shared experience of those working within employee wellbeing
  • Give practical advice and education to those leading wellbeing withn an organisation

History of the wellbeing TAG

A Wellbeing TAG seems to have been part of the Engage for Success landscape for as long as we have had TAGs! The group was active for four years to 2017 and helped drive the debate about the clear link between both physical and mental wellbeing and employee engagement.

It built on the paper Why Wellbeing Matters: Sustaining Employee Engagement & Performance  and published a white paper called Wellbeing and Employee Engagement: The Evidence

It developed a practical web tool to identify key trends likely to affect wellbeing and engagement in the future and how organisations could manage these impacts. In November 2015 we launched a beta version of the Future of Wellbeing and Engagement Tool

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Meet the Group

gethin nadin

Director of Employee Welling, Benefex

Yvette Janse van rensburg

Wellbeing Practitioner and Coach

hannah johnson

Health, Wellness, and Performance Advisor

maggie williams

Freelance Business Writer

Roopa nagori

Senior Lecturer at Coventry University London

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