ACAS Update: Stress Awareness Month Support 

April is Stress Awareness Month, and it is important that employers continue to take the right steps to address, tackle and reduce the work-related causes of stress with their staff.

Check out the ACAS Stress at Work guidance and framework that you can use to help raise awareness of work-related stress, and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

Listen to the podcast episode where Francoise Woolley – ACAS Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Rob McGreal – HSE Policy Lead for work-related stress and mental health, discusses the causes of work-related stress and how to support mental health and wellbeing at work.

Additional resources:

Training: ACAS events (from 3 April – 28 June, 2023) on Mental health in the workplace

Blogs: Make it routine to prevent work-related stress, Handle change, avoid stress, How to address mental health at work

*Please also keep an eye out for ACAS updated guidance on how to manage work-related stress coming soon.

Author: Chau Doan – Stakeholder Communications Manager, ACAS.

Photo credit: SHVETS production

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