Get involved: What are the links between Health, Wellbeing & Engagement? 

At a recent Engage for Success guru event, leading engagement consultants all agreed a ‘A happy workplace will naturally create an engaged innovative workforce’.

In preparation for the launch of the Engage for Success movement back in 2012, a Well-being subgroup was formed and produced a document called “Sustaining Employee Engagement and Performance – Why Wellbeing Matters”. This outlined the evidence for the links between employee engagement and employee well-being (both physical and psychological) . Since the launch, a growing number of task force members have expressed an interest in this area as a topic for the movement to look into further.

As such, a new Wellbeing subgroup was, formed in August 2013. This will build on the work of the first subgroup and aims to produce a number of outputs – we want members of Engage for Success to be part of this great work and are calling out for evidence of the links between Wellbeing & Engagement.

There is a growing body of organistations who produce excellent work related to Wellbeing, which the subgroup will not seek to reinvent, and aims to connect to, rather than cut across. The subgroup will continue to explore the linkage between Engagement and Wellbeing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as its links to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).

If you have evidence of the links between Wellbeing, Engagement and Organisational Performance please contact us content@engageforsuccess.org and be part of demonstrating ‘A happy workplace will naturally create an engaged innovative workforce’.


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