Need a boost? How to maintain energy levels at work 

To succeed in a modern organisation, you need to constantly achieve the stretching objectives you agreed with your manager. Simple, eh? Well, sometimes, it’s easier said than done. We’ve all had days when the pace of life felt relentless and the effort required appeared huge.


On such a day, you need to keep things simple. Here are a few straightforward steps, which could help you enjoy the exceptional energy levels you require.



Before you do anything in the day, take a few moments to plan. Make sure you prioritise what’s most important, and include breaks and exercise.



Immediately after exercise you probably feel tired. Although it may appear counter-intuitive, exercise actually boosts energy levels tremendously. Establish a routine of regular exercise and you’ll notice two things. Firstly, you’ll gain additional energy and motivation. Secondly, if you ever need to miss an exercise session you’ll be surprised at your strong desire to do something with all that surplus energy!



It’s also important to establish rest periods throughout the day. Everyone benefits from an energy boost after a rest. So, take a tea break, enjoy a proper lunch, or chat about the weekend with a colleague. Recognise the value in taking a break.


Eat well

There’s always too much to do. Surely you can get more done by skipping lunch? Sadly, we all know this is a mis-conception. Eat healthy meals, at the right time to truly nourish your body. When you do need that extra boost, choose foods like bananas that release the energy slowly and steadily, thus avoiding those sugar-induced highs and lows.


Change tasks

Plan your time so that your day is filled with a variety of tasks. Doing the same task for prolonged periods saps energy levels. With a bit of organisation, you can make sure each day is varied, ensuring high energy levels and high productivity.


Focus on the outcome

There may be times when a task isn’t intrinsically interesting to you. However, all tasks will benefit your organisation. By ensuring that you focus on why you’re doing the task, and what you and the organisation will get from it, you’ll keep boredom and resentment at bay.



More and more studies are showing the influence of sleep on our ability to perform well. Even without these studies, skipping sleep inevitably causes a slump in energy levels that soon affects our performance. Don’t think of sleep as a luxury, understand that it’s a critical element to providing the energy levels you need.


Choose a job you enjoy

Of course, if you dislike your job, maintaining high energy and motivation levels will feel impossible over the long term. Conversely, when you’re in a job you love, you’ll have enthusiasm and the desire to achieve.


Surround yourself with energetic people

Surrounding yourself with gloomy, downbeat colleagues can zap your energy. But spending time with optimistic, vibrant, and ambitious people is hugely energizing. The characteristics of those around you are inevitably contagious, so it helps to choose your work friends wisely.


Heather Foley is a consultant at etsplc.com, a bespoke provider of HR technology


Heather Foley is a consultant at www.etsplc.com.

ETS has been a partner to some of the world’s most respected companies since 1989, delivering specialist consultancy and leading edge technology in the following areas: employee research and engagement, leadership development, 360° feedback, performance management, and talent and succession planning.

ETS takes a bespoke approach to every project to ensure that all clients get their ideal survey solution. ETS doesn’t have templates and nothing is off-the-shelf. Every programme created is specific to the client, ensuring real value is delivered.




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