Apprenticeships are changing.  

Our aim is to de-mystify, share ideas and inspire people who want to make a difference.  There are fantastic new opportunities for both your new recruits and existing staff, with no barriers on age, experience or prior qualification.   This shift is creating brilliant potential for you to improve employee engagement, by aligning quality apprenticeships with your core purpose and business strategy, from MBA equivalents, to digital professional to technical core skills.

What's the apprenticeship tag all about?

And, don't miss our radio show episode with Kevin Cowley, Head of Apprenticeship Strategy and Delivery from the Home Office and Haleema Baker-Mir from Nestle share their experiences in Show #242: Apprenticeships are Changing.

What are the aims of the apprenticeships TAG?

What sort of apprenticeships are out there?

What are the benefits of employing apprentices?

What are you experiences as an apprentice?

how can organisations build employee engagement through training?

what would be your advice about the apprenticeships levy?

who are apprenticeships aimed at?

how have mentors helped you develop?

what advice would you give to someone thinking of recruiting apprenticeships?

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