Employee Engagement at the Court Funds Office 

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As part of the Ministry of Justice ‘Transforming Justice’ programme, the Court Funds Office had to respond with a downsizing and modernisation programme. There were three key overriding business objectives: to maintain operational performance, achieve a safe transfer of the service and look after the staff, as relocation to Glasgow from London was imminent.

Together the Management Team developed a set of behaviours embedding the values and culture needed to support the successful achievement of the three objectives. Under the lead of the Senior Management Team the organisation followed Steve Radcliffe’s Future – Engage – Deliver model. Through an employee survey it was noted that staff communications were perceived to be weak. Several changes were made in response which included: regular meetings, briefings, presentations, factsheets, drop in sessions, suggestion boxes and notice boards on key topics, and staff Q&As which were written up and published. During the transfer a dedicated People and Change team ensured business performance was maintained through enhancing employee skills and development, with corporate HR proving guidance for those affected by the redundancy programme.

Business performance and staff morale was maintained during the transfer period with nearly all staff affected gaining further employment with the CFO’s support. Staff rated leadership and managing change more positively, along with improvements overall, in staff motivation, and confidence in nearly all business areas.

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