Evidence Case Study: FIS 


The following case study was provided as part of the evidence for the effectiveness of employee engagement strategies in improving performance, productivity and, in the private sector profitability.  It has been used cumulatively with other submissions compiled by many leading companies and organisations to leave little room for doubt about the statistical importance of engaging employees.

This particular case study is an additional support to The Evidence Paper


FIS is the largest global provider of banking and payment technologies, and has more than 32,000 employees serving over 14,000 clients in more than 100 countries. FIS initiated a new employment engagement programme 18 months ago, which has shown successful results.  FIS partnered with O.C. Tanner in order to develop a recognition strategy aligned with its guiding principles.  Research was initiated to understand current organisational realities and set the future vision.

Using recognition as the cornerstone of all its efforts, a comprehensive blueprint was designed and implemented. The resulting strategy created a vehicle that brought effective appreciation into the day-to-day experience of all employees.  Whether it is recognising a simple job well done or a nomination for an employee’s significant impact, there are fun, aligned tools available for employees to thank each other, or for managers to demonstrate their appreciation for their team. In October 2010, a fully aligned, branded recognition platform ‘FIS is You’, was launched as the global resource for celebrating the people of FIS.   It serves as a centralised place to celebrate service milestones, recognise efforts for going above and beyond, call out client compliments and much more.

The launch was supported by extensive communication and training campaigns: e-mail teasers, banners, on-site demos and recognition training for 2,400 managers and supervisors.  This powerful recognition tool is now available in five languages, making it easy for 32,000 people to appreciate each other and reinforce FIS brand values. In addition FIS have created localised programmes aimed at identifying Superior Talent Achieving Results (STAR) employees over a monthly or a quarterly period.  Every spring, the company hosts FIS Day: a one-day, global celebration designed for every location to hear the same company message. Translated into multiple languages, this message celebrates the accomplishments of the year and speaks to future directions.  FIS’ fall, five-day employee appreciation week focuses on having events and celebrations at different locations as another way to say thank you to 32,000 employees for all that they do throughout the year. And, to further promote transparency and trust, an online Q&A forum called CEO Corner, allows employees to submit questions to the company CEO who in turn answers them and posts for other employees to see.


The numbers from the second employee engagement survey tell a powerful story, but no more so than the number of people who took the survey.  Survey responses went from 50 to 84 percent.

The overall engagement results have increased by 16 per cent in the past 12 months; the sense that managers care about employee well-being and opportunity is up 31 per cent; and how employees feel appreciated and recognised has increased by 61 percent.


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