30 Minutes with David MacLeod – Part 1, The Context for Employee Engagement 

The webinar took place on Thursday 13th January 2014.

5 Conversations is delighted to welcome the UK’s foremost employee engagement expert, David MacLeod, for this fascinating two-part webinar series.

In these times of economic uncertainty, high levels of employee engagement is crucial in ensuring the productivity and profitability of an organisation.

This first webinar focuses on the context for employee engagement, which will be followed in March by a second conversation with David about the four enablers of engagement.

In this free, 30-minute webinar, David and Oxford Group CEO, Sheena Porter, will discuss:

– Why should employee engagement be at the front of mind – not just for HR but also for every executive committee? What is happening in business and society which makes it important?
– How can you get commitment at both a personal and organisational level to focus on employee engagement?
– What actions can you take to get employee engagement on the board’s agenda?

This webinar includes a 15-minute Q&A session with David.

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