ACAS Update: New Research On Mediation Dispute Resolution 

ACAS has published their new research in partnership with East Lancashire East Hospitals NHS Trust on mediation and resolution in the workplace.

The research highlights how mediation can have a positive effect on organisations, and what employers can proactively do to support their people to manage conflict well.

Key findings from the research include:

· Benefits of inhouse workplace mediation as a way to manage conflict

· Benefits of a structured approach to early conflict resolution – where informal options are given the opportunity to succeed

· How line manager confidence and capability is essential for informal methods to work

· Advice, support and skills training to help employers to benefit from inhouse dispute resolution

Further guidance about the dispute resolution and mediation can be found here.

Additional resources:

Podcast: The cost of conflict


  1. When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts – managing conflict at work
  2. When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts – managing conflict inside the workplace
  3. Managing workplace conflict


  1. CIWM – Certificate in internal workplace mediation
  2. Mediation skills for managers
  3. Mock Mediation

Author: Chau Doan – Stakeholder Communications Manager, ACAS

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska

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