5 Employee Engagement Strategies Every Business Owner Should Follow in 2021 And Beyond 

Believe it or not, engaged employees work hard and put in their best efforts to improve their company’s bottom line. For many business owners, keeping their employees engaged and motivated is one of the biggest challenges. However, having a good employee engagement strategy can help you improve employee retention, increase productivity and boost revenue.

But the question is how to create a solid employee engagement strategy and what factors you should keep in mind to foster employee satisfaction and keep them in your companies. Keep in mind that appreciating employees’ efforts can make them feel valued and respected, motivating them to achieve long-term business goals.

If you want to achieve your business goals and stay ahead of your competitors, you need to create an employee engagement strategy that will help you promote a positive corporate culture and produce business outcomes. Here are the five best employee engagement strategies every business owner should follow to make their brand a big hit.

Let’s explore.

Recognise Their Efforts

According to Forbes, 66% of employees would leave their job if their hard work is not properly recognised. It is common among employees to quit their job due to a lack of appreciation. This is why appreciation and recognition are the most effective employee engagement strategies that every B2C, B2B, ecommerce and service-based agency can follow.

For instance, if you are running a mobile app development Company and your team of app developers efficiently built a bug-free, feature-rich app, recognise their efforts in a weekly meeting. It is not necessary to give out cash prizes every time your app development team successfully completes a project.

A public announcement or highlighting their achievements in a team meeting or company newsletter can make them feel valued and encourage them to work hard. If employees feel that the higher management is not recognising their work, chances are they will quickly lose engagement. So, keep this point in mind when creating an employee engagement strategy for your business.

Implement An Open Door Policy

If you want motivated and engaged employees, you have to incorporate an open-door policy at work. When you give your team the freedom to approach or meet higher management of the organisation, it promotes effective communication, encouraging instant feedback and discussion about things that matter most to your business. When you show your employees you really care and listen to your workers, it will encourage them to discuss their problems, share their suggestions and thoughts on improvement without any hesitation.

Furthermore, adopting an open-door policy not only develops employee trust, but it also allows business owners to implement necessary tweaks and improvements to make their projects more successful. Foster this culture and listen to your employees’ suggestions, ideas and input to understand what is on their minds and how to solve their problems.

Employee Engagement Activities

Every employee wants their workplaces to be pleasant and comfortable, where they find everything they need to maintain their energy levels high. If you want employees to work hard to generate business results and make fewer mistakes, implementing engagement activities and ideas can do wonders. According to Muneeb Qadar, there are a number of fun ways to engage and energise employees. For instance, you can give your team an opportunity to arrange a TED-talk and discuss a topic they are passionate about.

Celebrate theme days and ask employees to dress up according to the theme, bring in food, or participate in different themed activities. You can also celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, special occasions and other important life events to let employees know you care about them beyond the office. Try to plan employee engagement activities during office hours so that these events don’t infringe on their personal lives.

Provide Growth Opportunities

 A survey suggests that 94% of employees would prefer to work for a company that invests in their career and development and provides them with growth opportunities. So, focus on conducting training and development sessions to grow their skillset and prepare them for exciting and challenging roles. When you invest in your employees to improve their knowledge and hone their skills, rather than replacing them with candidates with the skills you need, it will motivate them to tackle unique challenges and do their best to lead your company towards success.

Better Work-Life Balance

Today the traditional approach to be physically present from 9 to 5 is changing. Due to advanced technology and collaboration tools, you can now check your emails on the go, attend a video conference and share a creative idea whenever it strikes in your mind. Providing flexible working hours is a worthwhile strategy that allows employees to maintain work-life balance and reduce burnout.

Just because your employee starts the day later or leaves earlier, doesn’t mean he is less committed. You need to make it clear that you value their contributions and achievements by offering flexible work arrangements. For instance, you can allow your employees to work from home and complete their tasks from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, providing paid parental leaves and having a generous PTO policy help employees fulfill their professional and personal responsibilities without stress.

All in all, flexible working hours allow employees to work with more commitment, resulting in fewer missed days of work and less turnover rate.  

A Brief Recap

If you want to keep the best talent, provide your employees with critical institutional knowledge, hone their professional skills, offering flexible working hours and awesome company benefits, following these employee engagement strategies will help you keep your employees happier and healthier while boosting productivity, improving retention rate and making more profit and revenue. 

Author: Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is a highly qualified and experienced app developer. He heads the department at Branex, an app development company based in Dubai. His knowledge of the app development process and how to make a product work by developing an app to complement it is exemplary. He offers his app development expertise to his customers to make a product or service do the talking through the features and options infused brilliantly. Contact him for anything related to app development.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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