The idea of an engagement mix has been buzzing around my mind for a few months now. It was brought to mind again, recently, as I wrote the event review of the Future of Engagement event and noticed that Professor Paul Sparrow also talked about organisations creating their own engagement recipe. Throw in the fact that it’s Bake Off season again and I knew that I had to reinvigorate my idea for an EFS cake shop!

Broadly speaking (and I’m not a proper baker so bear with me here, please!) a cake recipe is made up of flour, fat, some liquid to bind everything together and some flavouring. You might use plain flour or self raising or even a gluten free alternative. You might use eggs or water as the liquid. The fat might be butter or oil. And your flavour might be almonds or sugar or vanilla.

The Same Four Basic Ingredients

The point is that there are many different types of cake but that they all use the same four basic ingredients. The way that you mix them and the type of each ingredient you use dictates the finished result. Engagement is the same.

Some organisations are Battenberg organisations and want a little bit of almond flavour, others are a classic Victoria sponge. The key thing here is to recognise what type of engagement cake you are trying to bake and to use the right blend of narrative, managers, voice and integrity to get the desired result. Why not share your recipe in the comments below, or if you’ve got a great case study then submit it to us here.

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