Grass Roots Employee Engagement Forum 2013 

Now in its third year, Grass Roots hosted their annual Employee Engagement Forum on 21st November 2013 at the spectacular Skyloft venue in the Millbank Tower. Once more Grass Roots brought together HR and business leaders to discuss the latest innovations in employee engagement.

The morning started off with Paul Brown, Chief Technology Officer at Grass Roots presenting on how Telstra Australia has embedded social recognition to radically improve employee engagement. Telstra Australia used twitter and interactive smart boards around the office to acknowledge staff – this had a profound effect on engagement levels.

London 2012 accelerated the UK’s passion for cycling and the cyclescheme has helped organisations harness the advantages of Tax efficient benefits to engage with their people, find out more about the advantages to health, wellbeing and productivity the cyclesheme has had here.

RHP a housing association showcased how they brought the ‘wow’ to on-boarding and learning at their organisation. From their treasure hunt introduction across the different teams, to their first week camera blog, their induction week was hailed by many in the room as one of the most innovative they had heard of.

Stephen Gambles, Head of Reward at Santander and Andy Cartwright, Head of Connected Strategies at Grass Roots gave insight into how Santander transformed their employee value proposition through a highly engaging communications strategy.

Attendees left the event full of ideas and inspirations for embedding engagement initiatives at their organisation; we will be uploading detailed case studies for each of the presentations in due course for those who couldn’t make the event. As always our events section has details of upcoming events and please do get in contact with us at info@engageforsuccess.org if you would like to host an event.



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