Leading with Competitive Edge in Today’s World 

A two part workshop hosted by CIPD and Engage for Success

Struggling to grab Executives attention to the impact that culture has on your company performance?

Do you need to press the pause button to reflect and identify how to be leading your business to (retain and) grow your competitive advantage?

It’s been over 2 years since we started pivoting. There are many exhausted and challenged Executives wondering which way to spin next.

Today – companies are struggling to attract and retain people – both their employees and customers.

How has your leadership adapted to lead with a competitive edge in today’s world?

Jill Munden Mind Reach and Fiona Anderson, valuingYOU and both from My Change Expert shine a light on the impact that the pandemic has had. They share their insights and expertise to help busy executives make sense and navigate a way forward.

Here’s a short summary to spark your interest.

Part 1: Exploring how employee expectations have changed and the impact on your business culture

Back in the early 1900’s the phrase ”the customer is king” was first coined by Harry Selfridge himself and it’s interesting that even today, many leaders prime focus is on the customer because they create the income whereas employees just drain the business of money! 

We flip this around.

We also show you that if you focus on your people – your employees – on all the things that enable them to perform and to be at their best – how this will clearly feed the customer – which will contribute to feeding the bottom-line.

  • “Your people grow your business”:

Based on this firm belief gained from years of evidence working with our clients,  we explore how you answer the questions: “is our company culture our virus or our vaccination?” and “what impact might our existing culture be having on our bottom line?”. Diagnose and understand the impact that your company culture is having on your business.**

Why is this important?

  • Those who attended the live event reported a 70/30 ratio of negative to positive behaviours in their businesses culture.
  • One of our clients recently identified that their culture could be costing them £1.4 million per year, in one department alone.
  • We describe the VUCA³  (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world we are in and what it means to your employees. We explore how the expectations of your people have shifted and what this means to you as leaders and your business

Why are these important?

Your employees are seeking a way of working that works for them and will readily vote with their feet when they find this elsewhere, and that could be with your competitor!

The cost of recruitment and onboarding is high, the likelihood you can attract the talent you require is now incredibly difficult and if you do appoint a new member of staff, they are likely to be negotiating a higher salary and new ways of working.

Our CIPD colleagues are experiencing up to an eye watering 48% of new recruits leaving within their first week of employment, some don’t appear, some never return after their first day and others leave after their first week.

Recent research indicated that 40% of employees are thinking of leaving their employer. When you consider that the average cost of staff turnover is between £15-22k per employee – this is potentially a huge cost i.e. for a company with 500 staff, approximately 200 people will leave = £3m.

Part 2: The impact of Employee Expectations and how you lead your business

  • Understand the evolving employee experience in today’s world.
  • Join us to discover the question that each of your Execs should be asking and answering.
  • Discover why connecting emotionally with your company purpose is key to attraction and retention of staff

Why is this important?

  • In the working population we now have people working longer than ever before and hence we have a greater number of generations working alongside each other.  The youngest of those generations are bringing with them some fundamental differences in their priorities & expectations.
  • To achieve a competitive edge, join us to explore the 6 Elements of Leadership: Purpose, Values, Leadership Behaviours, Environment, Ways of Working and Innovation

Why is this important?

We have looked at the full picture of change and we share with you the 6 elements that we believe leaders need to be paying particular attention to, to be successful & productive as a leader and ultimately to be maintaining a competitive edge through your people.

  • Take away deeper insights to incorporate into your strategic priorities. 

Why is this important?

Within the VUCA³ context, the critical point for leaders is to ensure that they aren’t continually drawn into the daily firefighting. Instead we encourage you to put time aside to be pre-empting the next changes and to be intentional in what this means you need to be doing differently every single day. 

** To diagnose and understand the impact that your company culture is having on your bottom line:

Visit www@MyChangeExpert.com and click on  7 Significant Signals icon at top right of each page. 

You will receive your own diagnosis with a report highlighting next steps to a Grow your own Highly Productive Culture.

If you would like to explore this further then please contact:

Fiona.Anderson@MyChangeExpert.com or Jill.Munden@MyChangeExpert.com

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